The Pulse - Manhattan Luxury Market 4/22/24


The Pulse - Manhattan Luxury Market 4/22/24

This past week marked a significant resurgence in the Manhattan luxury market, with a 41% increase in contracts for properties priced $4M and over. Let’s dive into the key developments and how they affect your real estate strategy:

Weekly Highlights:

Robust Recovery: Contracts soared above the 20-contract threshold, a sign of a healthy market. Though a single week doesn't set a trend, we're closely aligned with last year’s figures, showing a modest 3% decrease.

Inventory Insights: There was an 11% weekly dip in inventory, yet it remains 4% higher compared to last April, providing a variety of options for potential buyers.

Market Pulse Overview:

$5M to $10M Range: The market pulse stands at 0.75, slightly favoring sellers.

Above $10M: Here, the market pulse is -0.65, slightly favoring buyers, presenting strategic opportunities.

Sector Performance:

Condominiums: Continue to dominate with a 63% share.

Downtown: This neighborhood leads with a 42% market share.

New Developments: Accounted for a strong 29% market share, underscoring the appeal of brand-new and modern living spaces.

Economic Factors:

With the Fed's recent indications around interest rates due to inflation and geopolitical concerns, coupled with mortgage rates reaching 7%, mortgage application activities have felt the impact.

Top Transactions of the Week: View All 24 Contracts

2 East 67th Street: Sold for $44.5M, this pre-war co-op features five bedrooms and 5.5 baths.

21 E 26th #PH: This luxury condo, offered at nearly $25M, showcases the continued demand for expansive, high-end living spaces.


Seller & Buyer Advice Corner:

Sellers: Focus on essential repairs, fresh paint, and virtual staging to showcase your property’s potential. Competitive pricing is essential to attract serious buyers quickly in a market that values newly developed or renovated homes.

Buyers: For those of you that are financing, an adjustable-rate mortgage might be your best strategy to capitalize on potential future declines in interest rates. Now is the time to act if you find a property that captures your heart.


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This week’s developments demonstrate the dynamic and resilient nature of Manhattan's luxury real estate market. Have questions or thoughts about this week’s report? Reach out anytime, and feel free to share the Pulse with others who might find it valuable. Until next week, may your real estate goals and dreams become a realty!

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