11 Interior Design Inspiration Ideas for Your Home in West Village NYC

11 Interior Design Inspiration Ideas for Your Home in West Village NYC

Famous for its artistic vibes and gorgeous historic homes, the West Village in New York City has become a trendy and hip place to live, work, and play. This prestigious neighborhood is endlessly sought-after, with an atmosphere of luxury, charming brick townhouses, quiet streets, and an ultra-hip sense of style.

Whether you’re lucky enough to have owned a West Village home for years or you’ve just relocated to the area, you want to keep your home looking fresh and on-trend. If you’re hoping to level up your space, here are some design inspiration tips to help you out.

1. Embrace historic charm

One of the most defining features of the West Village is its historic architecture. Many brownstones and charming townhouses in the neighborhood boast classic details like ornate moldings, hardwood floors, and fireplaces. Embrace these elements and make them the centerpiece of your design. Refurbish original moldings, refinish hardwood floors to their former glory, and let the fireplace serve as a beautiful focal point in your living space.

2. Add floating shelves

Storage is always a sought-after resource in smaller apartments and condos. If your West Village home is on the more compact side, consider adding floating shelves close to the ceiling that go along the perimeter of the living room to store and display your books, collectibles, and other accessories. With this sleek and space-saving storage solution, you can achieve a look that resembles beautiful crown molding, perfectly complementing the modern and minimalist aesthetic. These shelves appear to "float" on the wall without visible brackets or supports, giving a sense of airiness and openness to smaller living spaces. Floating shelves allow you to maximize vertical space, keeping clutter at bay and making the most of limited square footage.

3. Find your “Eclectic Bohemian”

A trend that New York designers are seeing increasingly in luxury homes is the combination of different patterns and styles to create a highly personalized space. Embrace the West Village's artistic spirit with an eclectic Bohemian-inspired design. Blending modern elements with vintage pieces and choosing a variety of bold prints and bright colors creates a stunning atmosphere. Mix and match patterns, textures, and colors to create a unique interior. Layer rugs, incorporate colorful throw pillows, and hang tapestries or textile art to infuse your home with boho charm.

4. Use natural materials

Natural materials in interior design create warm and inviting spaces that are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, and dens. Leather, wood, and stone are some natural materials to lean into in your interior design. Consider adding a leather armchair to your den, a distressed wood side table to your living room, or installing stone veneer around your fireplace.

5. Consider wallpaper and the artistic effect

Unfashionable for many years, wallpaper is making a big comeback in New York and around the country. Bold wallpaper has been especially trendy recently, transforming a boring room into a work of art. Consider putting up wallpaper with a bold graphic or unique design in a guest bathroom, your bedroom, or on a single statement wall in a larger room. 

Create a gallery wall with a mix of artworks, photographs, and prints. The key is to display pieces that resonate with you, reflecting your personal style and celebrating the West Village's artistic heritage. Support local artists by incorporating their work into your home's design. Visit neighborhood art galleries, craft fairs, and studios to discover unique pieces that add character to your space. Handcrafted ceramics, sculptures, or custom-made furniture can become conversation starters.

6. Follow concepts of New Minimalism

For a more contemporary take on West Village interior design, consider embracing minimalism. The elements of New Minimalism work well in smaller West Village homes because they focus on less clutter. Clean lines, neutral color palettes, and functional design are key components of modern urban chic. To achieve a minimal look, focus on furnishings that are high-quality and exceptionally well-crafted and embrace the “less is more” mindset. The goal is to turn your space into a gallery for curated, intentionally selected pieces. Choose furniture and decor that prioritize both form and function, allowing your space to feel open and uncluttered.

7. Sustainable materials

Sustainable materials are at the forefront of modern design, representing a conscientious shift toward environmentally responsible practices. From reclaimed wood and recycled glass to bamboo and low-VOC paints, sustainable materials offer a path to more eco-conscious living. 
In interior design, look for furnishings like rugs made from recycled plastic bottles, tables made of bamboo, and microfiber or faux suede cushions. 

8. Go back to the ‘80s

If you thought the pastels and graphic shapes of the 1980s were things of the past, think again! ‘80s-inspired decor is all the rage in New York, and you can take hold of the look with printed wallpaper, patterned rugs, and ruffled pillows. You can also pull together an ‘80s-inspired look by combining an edgy mauve color on the walls paired with some bright pink accessories and a statement wall wallpapered in a tropical print. 

9. Opt for timeless color palettes

If you aren’t going for the ‘80s, when it comes to color schemes, stick to timeless classics like soft neutrals, warm whites, and muted earth tones. These hues create a serene and elegant atmosphere, allowing your historic home's architectural features to shine. You can introduce pops of color through accent pieces like artwork, throw pillows, or area rugs.

10. Open-concept living

Many West Village apartments and condos feature open-concept layouts, creating fluid, interconnected living spaces. Make the most of this trend by strategically arranging your furniture to delineate different living zones without interrupting the seamless flow of one room into the next. For example, use a sofa or a bookshelf to separate your living room from the dining area while maintaining an open feel. Open-concept living embodies a sense of freedom, flexibility, and connectivity, transforming houses into homes where memories are made and shared.

11. Industrial accents

Industrial-inspired design elements can also work well in a West Village home. Exposed brick walls, metal finishes, and reclaimed wood furniture pieces can add an edgy and urban vibe to your space. Consider incorporating industrial-style lighting fixtures or shelving units for that perfect blend of modern and industrial aesthetics.

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